Ancient technology

There are plenty of facts which proove that ancient civilizations had advanced technological devices. Most evident - Egyptian Pyramid of Giza. It is obvious that nobody would undertake such an effort to build that type of structure without a technology that would help to lift up huge blocks of stone. There are also evidences in other places of the world of using advanced technology in building processes. Like, for example, cutting huge peaces of stones perfectly flat. There are also many artifacts that has been found which purpose we do not understand, but which most likely were a part of some technological devices. It is highly possible that ancient civilizations had knowledge about gravity and had anti-gravity devices or even spaceships. The anti-gravity principle presented in this website could possibly be thousands of Years old. The history of humanity develops in cycles. It means that old things come back in the new quality.

Anti-Gravity is possible

According to the official contemporary knowledge of what we know today about the gravity – there is a gravitational force that pulls all objects which have a mass toward the surface of the earth. And the source of this force probably is yet undiscovered particle – Graviton. Or even if the source is not a Graviton, all official theories of gravity are not in reality theories but just assumptions. We can say for sure only that there is a gravitational effect - things fall down towars the surface of the Earth accelerating their speed by approximately 9.8 m/s². There is nothing more about gravity that has been proven.

There is also a possibility that gravitational attraction is not the attraction (pull force), but push force, that pushes objects towards the surface. This assumption couldn’t be proven wrong as well, because of what I’ve said above - our science has no proven theory of gravity at all.

Imagine an object falling, let’s say, from 10 km towards the surface of the Earth. It will take a certain amount of time before it travels (falls) 10 km and reaches the ground. Regardless of any theory of gravity the falling includes a time dimension. You can always measure how long does it take for an object to fall. But if we put Time = 0 in the equasion of falling, we get Distance = 0 as well.

There is a possibility to eliminate gravitational effect in the object that is in the state of free falling. And this method will not contradict gravitational theories, no matter what these theory are, If You eliminate Time dimension in downwards direction from a falling object, the object will not fall but will stand still (levitate) in the air above the surface. Movement will not be possible without a Time.

I discovered, invented or reinvented the device which does exactly that – eliminates Time dimension in downwards direction. And the effect is the Anti-Gravity. Massive objects like flying machines can levitate in the air with a help of a very little electric energy to feed these devices. It is possible to make anti-gravity flying machines using this technology.

I called my invention – Secondary Time Sphere. I made a theorethical description of the principle. Before You begin to read – remember that anything new comes hard. It is hard to believe, hard to accept, hard to understand something that is revolutionary new. Remember that electricity, laser beam and many other things that we have today once were thought to be impossible. Let’s not be sceptical about revolutionary new ideas that may seem inpossible for now.

Osvald Ozolnieks

Rotation is Time. You will not be able to understand this technology if You question it...