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Osvalds Ozolnieks

I have made several tests with a Sphere according to schematics. I found it difficult so far to make stable simultaneous rotation on 2 axis. It was impossible at all to rotate the sphere in such way and maintain the device stability. The device began to swirl and it was impossible to stabilize it. When I tried to stabilize it mechanically the bearings wore out in seconds. It means that immense preassure is acting on the vertical axis at the moment of the rotation.

After that I made a conclusion that rotation start should be simultaneous and slow, because I figured out as well that these two rotations are not independent from each other and one depends from other. Also the device needs to be centered very precisely.

In the next test I plan to add electronics - motor and speed controller to the Device so that rotations can begin slowly and simultaneously.

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Osvalds Ozolnieks
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