Secondary Time

Anti-Gravity Device

I wrote a short theory of Anti-Gravity - Secondary Time Sphere Device. It was not an easy task. It is one thing to understand something, and another to explain it to people who know nothing about it. I had to introduce one new term or assign a new meaning to the Rotation process. Let's call the rotation - Time. I did it because otherwise it is not possible to understand the process which is going on during the action of the Device. Probably it is a new type of science and it is for sure not an exact science. It is intuitive. I wrote it as short as possible and as clear as possible. Every sentence is rethought hundreds of times to tell exactly what it should tell. So let's go on!

Free Floating

The Device that makes Anti-Gravity Effect possible is a metal sphere, that rotates simultaneously on two axis. Why does it make an anti-gravity effect? Remember that I called rotation - Time. If the Sphere rotates on two axis simultaneously, than it means that inside the Sphere there are two simultaneous Time processes going on. One is primary and one is secondary Time. This Secondary Time will make the anti-gravity effect, because our Space Time Reality has only one Time dimension. The Secondary Time will be outside of it - that will cause the sphere to free float in the air. The anti-gravity effect appears, because Time in downwards direction disappears. On rotating sphere this Time is Secondary (secondary rotation) and thus can not exist in our Space Time.

Anti Gravity Sphere
Secondary Time Sphere - no angle

Moving up and down

In case of an angle on Primary axis there will be spacetime deformation inside the sphere, which will tend to get normal (planar) state. The effect will be sphere’s movement on secondary axis up or down and speed of the movement will depend on the angle of primary axis.

Anti Gravity Sphere
Secondary Time Sphere - angle on Primari axis

Danger !

There is also a possibility that the device explodes in certain circumstances. I will not talk about why it can happen now. The next picture shows how the device should not be tested. This illustrated configuration has a higher probability of explosion.

Anti Gravity Sphere
Secondary Time Sphere - only one half axis

Everything I have described here as a short theory has for now just been hypothetical and needs to be tested in real life, because as you understand the subject is totally new and needs further investigation by making tests. There are some anomalies that I will not discuss here now, because I first need to find the answers myself.

Osvald Ozolnieks

Rotation is Time. You will not be able to understand this technology if You question it...